Travel apps to peruse with ease, with quality information – Wooster Daily Record

Brian Boyer

It is 2021, and we are hoping for a much better year. This week I want to talk about something that is probably way too premature to be talking about, but let’s get some hope going.

I want to talk about travel and apps that can make it easier. OK, so most travel is still shut down. At the very least there are a lot of restrictions, rules, quarantine requirements and in some cases just no travel options between formally popular destinations.

But with vaccines rolling out (slowly) and us being about half way through the tough virus-prone winter months, maybe it is time to start planing (or dreaming) of out.

First, let’s explore one of my favorite sources of travel information: Lonely Planet. What I appreciate about Lonely Planet is its content is written by people on the ground and contains no sponsored content. That means they talk about a lot of cool free stuff to see (like parks and other hidden treasures).

Last year they revamped the app called Lonely Planet Guides. You simply pick a city in the world and you get all kinds of information, from top things to see like monuments and museums to all kinds of restaurants, from the hole-in-the-wall local flavor to the hottest 5 Star opening.

They also include “Curated Collections” of itineraries. For example, Lima Peru has collections of “Free Stuff,” “Ceviche” and “Colonial History.” They also sell