You asked: Can we meet my elderly parents for our annual ski trip? – Washington Post

Traveling has always come with complications, but the coronavirus pandemic has made it more challenging than ever. Our By The Way Concierge column will take your travel dilemmas to the experts to help you navigate the new normal. Want to see your question answered? Submit it here.

We are a family of four (two middle-aged adults, two school-aged boys) debating whether to take our annual family ski trip to Colorado. We would need to take a direct flight. The destination is to Frisco, Colo., where we would likely share a three-bedroom condo with my 74-year-old parents, who will be driving from Kentucky. The main activity would be skiing at Copper Mountain, which currently appears open. Should we require covid tests and wear masks in the condo until results come back? Are there precautions related to skiing we should think about? Sara, Maryland

We all hoped that the arrival of 2021 would mean we could leave the issues of 2020 behind us, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. Coronavirus cases and deaths are still on the rise, and vaccine distribution is off to a slow start.

Before I took your question to experts in Colorado, where you’re planning your ski trip, I wanted to see what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would advise for your situation.

Their feedback was the same as it has been for the past few months: Traveling increases your