Local Travel Tips – Idaho Falls Magazine

Is this your first winter as an Idaho Falls resident? Whether it is the beginning of your time in Idaho Falls or another year on the roster, it’s always good to refresh yourself on highway etiquette and ways to stay safe on the road. 

  • Stay home if the weather is bad.
  • Be prepared to slow your pace. 
  • Gas up! Always have at least a half-gallon of fuel in your tank.
  • Pack cold-weather gear, including a blanket, shovel, salt and more. Check out one of many emergency lists online so that you can always feel assured you’ll have the supplies you need if something were to happen on your trip.
  • Stay with your vehicle. If anything happens, don’t leave your car. The vehicle will provide protection from the elements and make you more visible to potential rescuers.
  • Know your vehicle. Practice using your breaks and become acquainted with how long it takes for your car to roll to a stop. Always keep distance between yourself and other vehicles.