Tips for Traveling Like a Pro – TravelPulse

The world’s most popular destinations always seem so jam-packed full of tourists, especially “that one restaurant” everyone has to try and “that one Instagram-worthy attraction” everyone spends hours in line to snap photos of.

There’s a better way to travel, though, and that’s doing as the locals do. Find a mom-and-pop eatery off the beaten path by first getting lost, then second, following the locals to their own watering holes. Chances are, you’ll find incredible local food at cheaper prices than in the busier areas. Plus, you’ll get to meet some fun people!

Another good tip is to wander around the city in search of art and music. Most often, you’ll find works of street art in the most unlikely of places. Street musicians play all types of music, including the local style, which affords you as a traveler the opportunity to gather with those listening and experience something money can’t afford.

For those interested in the history of the destination, try to visit a couple of the smaller community museums. Most often the docents there will be more than happy to talk to you about what they’re passionate about, and you’ll uncover a different, lesser-known side of the destination.

Lastly, talk to the locals! They’re the ones who know the best-kept secrets to wherever you are. Ask them about the best beaches or the nearest hidden treasure that will be more authentic and way more fun than whatever guided tour you were planning on.

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