Transportation Security Administration Offers Airline Holiday Travel Tips – Riverbank News

If you’re planning to travel by air during the holiday season, here are some steps that you can take right now to help ensure that you avoid Santa’s “Naughty” list when you get to a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoint at the airport.

Because TSA is well-aware that many people haven’t traveled in several months, here is what you need to do now to be prepared this holiday season – whether you’re traveling for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or to celebrate the New Year.

Tip 1: Know what to expect when traveling during a global pandemic and please don’t forget your mask.

TSA has implemented changes to the security screening process to reduce the potential for cross-contamination in the security checkpoint known as the “Stay Healthy. Stay Secure.” campaign. It focuses on modifications to procedures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Passengers can expect to see:

TSA officers wearing masks and gloves at the checkpoint, and they may be wearing eye protection or clear plastic face shields.

Passengers wearing masks. Travelers will be asked to momentarily remove their masks to verify their identity.

Social distancing among travelers in the checkpoint line and among TSA officers.

ID verification without physical contact between the TSA officer and the traveler.

Acrylic shielding installed at various locations throughout the TSA checkpoint.

Increased cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched checkpoint surfaces and screening equipment, including bins.

TSA officers changing gloves after each pat-down and at the request of