Retirement Travel Tips That Won’t Break The Bank – Greeneville Sun

Retirement ushers in a new stage in life, one in which adults have ample free time to pursue their interests and hobbies.

When eight or more hours per day are no longer allocated for work, those hours can be devoted to other pursuits. Retirees have the time to travel, and such exploration need not break the bank.

A 2014 MassMutual survey found that 72 percent of respondents reported feeling quite happy or extremely happy in retirement. Being able to travel when and where they desire may be a big component of this happiness. A study by Virtuoso found that travel factors significantly into the lives of today’s seniors. They spend more on travel than any other generation — an average of $11,077 a year. Travel spending is at the highest among people between the ages of 75 and 79.

Learning how to get the most bang for your traveling