Worried About Holiday Travel During the Pandemic? Here Are Some Safety Tips From Doctors. – Washingtonian


“Travel increases your chance of getting and spreading Covid-19, period.”


Somehow, time has continued marching on, and the holidays are upon us. But so are the rising Covid-19 numbers—last week, the country recorded a record 100,000 new coronavirus cases in one day

Understandably, folks may be weighing the odds of traveling to spend the holidays with loved ones. How safe is it to travel right now, let alone gather and celebrate?

We’ll let a professional put it simply: “Travel increases your chance of getting and spreading Covid-19, period,” says Inova infectious disease specialist David Yoho. “The lowest risk really is just staying home.”

John Symington, also an Inova infectious disease specialist, agrees: “People should think seriously about traveling to visit their loved ones.”

The Centers for Disease Control backs this up in its Thanksgiving guidelines, where it states that indoor holiday gatherings of folks outside an immediate household (ie. people traveling from elsewhere) are high-risk.

But the professionals also know it’s difficult to ask people to isolate over the holidays and not see family. “Things are getting worse, the risk of exposure is going up, so you do the best you can do under these circumstances,” says George Washington infectious disease specialist