Overseas travel advice – GOV.UK – GOV.UK

1. Introduction: guidance for the organisation

Organisations have a duty of care towards those who travel overseas for work purposes. By having the right security policies and procedures in place, an organisation will be better prepared to support their traveller should a security situation, such as a terrorist incident, occur.

This guidance has been designed to support organisations in understanding how they are able to mitigate risk to their employees and how best to corporately respond should an incident occur. The guidance also contains tips for organisations communicating travel security messages to their employees; this is encouraged so that they too are able to take responsibility for their own travel security.

1.1 Risk Assessment

Is travel necessary? Are there other, lower risk ways of meeting business objectives e.g. through video conferencing? Conduct an up-to-date risk assessment of the destination and the proposed travel itinerary. Appraise the risk from a range of threats which will include terrorism amongst others; e.g. criminality, espionage and environmental disasters. Use authoritative sources of information such as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) foreign travel advice website to inform the assessment.

Go to the FCO Travel Advice website

Go to the FCO and Department for International Trade Overseas business risk webpage

1.2 Educating travellers

Where appropriate, provide security briefings for travellers which are specific to their travel destination, drawing on the authoritative advice determined as part of the risk assessment. They should leave the briefing understanding the risk and how they can