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SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — For the first and likely only time in 2020, I boarded a plane for flight to New Jersey, to visit my family. I’ve traveled that six-hour leg, countless times. It required almost no planning – Just book the trip and go.

But, nothing is easy in the time of COVID-19.

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Instead, I had to plan for weeks — buying safety gear, researching the latest information on the virus, keeping an eye on my destination’s COVID-19 numbers, getting tested.
A few things surprised me about the trip — good and bad.

First, I felt safer than I expected. The plane was squeaky clean, everyone wore a mask, no one coughed and I booked a flight that guaranteed that no one would sit beside me.

But, I was also surprised at how busy the airport was in some areas, though empty in others.

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At Newark International Airport, there was a long line with virtually no social distancing at baggage drop-off. While the waiting areas were less crowded, you still have to be prepared to be around a lot of people.

I wanted to be extra safe — so I wore a mask, shield and goggles. However, I had to take them on and off at various checkpoints.

I spoke to travel expert Chris McGinnis and travel blogger Leslie Harvey for even more tips to share, in case