Travel tips to stay safe and prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other infectious diseases – Times of India

Almost a quarter of the year is over and gradually we have all learnt to live our routinely lives with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While scientists around the world are working round the clock to find a viable vaccine against the novel Coronavirus, organizations and businesses have taken the situation in good spirits and slowly started operations of public spaces, many workplaces, malls and educational institutions have partially opened up with the safety measures being taken as the utmost priority.The governments all over the world have eased the regulations on traveling as well, with flights being operational domestically as well as internationally. Although the safest way is to avoid travel as much as possible, but as traveling is eventually an inevitable part of our lives, whether for work or for a much-needed escape in these taxing times, we need to accept this new normal situation with the new norms.
As people are beginning to travel again, the inescapable concerns about the transmission of COVID-19 remain high safety of health is not guaranteed in these uncertain times. However, experts share some practical preventive measures that are effective and would help keep oneself and the dear ones safe and along the journey.

First things first! Make a go-to list of essentials
Our carry-on bags should be packed with a stock of face masks, disposable gloves, hand-sanitizers, handwashing liquid, disinfecting wipes, dry tissues, and personal hygiene products. With all such essentials being high in demand currently, one must not rely on the supply stocks