Nothing is quite as exciting as stepping out on the field, bases loaded, holding your bat high and preparing for that fast pitch that you know you are going to crack out of the park. There are many aspects of baseball that are intense and exhilarating. A part that might not be as thrilling, though still of high importance, is travel preparation. When traveling for a game, it is important to make sure your team is prepared, so all can go as smoothly as possible and you can spend more time focusing on the game. Read on to learn ways you can prepare for upcoming travel for your baseball team.

Designate a Person to Handle Equipment

Many baseball teams have a bat boy who manages the team’s equipment. If your team does not have a bat boy, designate a player or two to take point. It is important these team members are well-organized. Baseball teams have a lot of equipment and while some players might keep track of their own items, the last thing you want is for some custom baseball gloves or bats to go missing! The people handling the equipment will need to ensure all items are accounted for prior to leaving, during game time and when heading back home. Depending on how much your team has, it may be beneficial to develop a tracking system. It can be as simple as a notebook documenting all articles that need to be accounted for. Update the document regularly