Travel tips for the festive season – Times of India

The Covid-19 pandemic may have turned our lives upside down but it hasn’t managed to kill the inner wanderlust in those who truly desire to explore and experience new places and cultures. And with Diwali holidays round the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to travel with friends and loved ones.
Festive season – a chance to beat lockdown fatigue
A recent Destination Index survey conducted by YouGov reveals there’s a notable shift in consumer sentiment about travelling long distances, which was at an all-time low at the start of the pandemic. People are again becoming more comfortable with the idea being on a plane. Eva Satkute Stewart, Global Sector Head for Travel and Tourism at YouGov says, “Our recent travel survey shows some emerging trends. One of the highlights is that there’s fatigue from lockdown and people are thinking about where they might go on vacation next.”

Private homes are in demand
Being perceived as contactless, safer and more isolated, homestays are finding more takers during pandemic festival travel. “Diwali is one festival of celebrating togetherness. Over the years, people have changed the way they celebrate. While you still want to be with your loved ones, the venue has changed. People choose private vacation homes that are located in quieter nooks and have better air quality. This year, due to Covid-19, people are yearning to meet their loved ones in safe spaces. And private vacation homes are perfectly suited for something like this. The long