How A Global Travel Community Aims To Help The Travel Industry Become Less Racist – Forbes

Following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (among countless others), people around the world marched in Black Lives Matter protests and demanded change. Individuals considered what ways they benefit from racism and how they could shift that power to the oppressed. Brands and businesses evaluated how they could not only promote diversity but act in actively anti-racist ways.

And the travel industry is one which needs to take a long, hard look at itself.

“From when people first started traveling, a lot of it was colonialism,” said Beth Santos, Founder and CEO of Wanderful, a global community of female travelers. “That’s something we don’t talk about enough in travel. It’s not just the great things about connecting with other cultures and places, but there’s also an underlying history of a place and a real exploitation that’s happening even today, especially among Black, Indigenous and people of color.”