13 Tips For Eco-Friendly Travel – TravelAwaits

3. Ditch Plane Travel For Short Distances

According to a researcher with the International Council on Clean Transportation, “planes expend a significant amount of fuel just reaching altitude and descending, so the shorter the distance you fly, the less efficient.” So if you need to travel a short distance, consider other travel options. Trains, buses, and even shared car rides are better than plane travel. They may even save you time, because you won’t have to trek out to the airport and undergo lengthy screening processes and wait times.

4. Travel Closer To Home

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the world’s wonders are closer than we think. How important is it for an American to jet off to the Swiss Alps when they have never even hiked in Aspen, or to visit the wine region of Tuscany if they have never sipped wine in Napa? Consider ways of traveling closer to home, like road trips, rail journeys, camping, and RVing.

5. Book Nonstop Flights

According to a NASA report, the takeoff and landing cycle accounts for 25 percent of a flight’s emissions, so multiple-leg trips are worse for the environment. Choose direct flights where possible and reconsider whether you need a layover. If you do, then make it an extended one in a place in which you wish to spend quality time. This is much better than an overnight stay in a hotel room before returning to the airport for the next leg.

6. Know