Expert Tips For Navigating Travel Quarantines And Travel Bans – Forbes

If you think navigating the travel quarantines in the United States is difficult, try Europe. That’s what Adam Cole had to do when his daughter started college in London recently.

“We traveled at the height of the pandemic,” says Cole, who runs an arts academy in Atlanta. “That meant she and I quarantined for two weeks before moving her into her dorm in London.”

But getting to England from the United States wasn’t easy.

“The quarantine made the visa application process particularly harrowing,” he remembers. Cole had to hire an immigration lawyer to take care of the process. But there was a lot of drama, from almost-missed deadlines to serious doubts about being allowed to enter the country.

“We were sweating bullets,” says Cole.

In the end, she made it to London for the start of classes.

How to handle a travel quarantine and travel ban

Cole’s odyssey is a blueprint for anyone who must travel. (If you don’t have to travel, stay home until the pandemic is under control.)

Here’s how to deal with quarantines and travel bans: