Is it safer to fly or drive during the pandemic? 5 health experts weigh in. – The Washington Post

Before coronavirus, people typically decided whether to fly or drive to a destination based on factors like price and travel time.

Now, months into the pandemic, the debate over flying vs. driving has more to do with safety than plane ticket prices. Americans are still conflicted about traveling while coronavirus cases continue to spike in certain regions.

Can you stay healthy on a plane? Are road trips safe? Is one option better than the other? We spoke with five health experts to get their thoughts on the travel questions so many are mulling over.

A CDC epidemiologist says there is ‘no such thing as safe travel’

With more than 200,000 deaths in the United States attributed to the coronavirus, “there’s really no such thing as safe travel,” said Allison Walker, a senior epidemiologist in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Travelers’ Health Branch.

Whether you’re driving or flying, there may be health concerns because of a variety of factors.

“Different modes of transportation have different risks,” she said. “When you have people in close proximity and you’re not doing social distancing, if people aren’t wearing masks or people don’t have access to hand-washing, all of those things are risk factors.”

When asked whether there was a lesser of two evils, Walker said that both are equally pressing, “because if you’re spreading it, someone else is getting it.”

Should you weigh the risk