10 Travel Couples to Inspire Your Trips for 2021 – Influencive

To all of my fellow travelers, 2020 has been a bit of a globe-trotting bust. My condolences to the countless travel plans laid to rest due to these unprecedented times. As an eternal optimist, however, I have opted to look at the current situation like an extended layover. Perhaps a few of our connections have been canceled, but we’ve been given some time to re-fuel, gain a little rest, and gain a renewed appreciation for having the opportunity to travel, which is all too often taken for granted. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve also taken this time to gain some travel inspiration. We’ve been living vicariously through our phone screens, which have been dutifully transporting us into a time and space that extends beyond the confines of our homes. Amongst these virtual visits into the lives of others, we’ve handpicked 10 travel couples that are inspiring what the stamps on our passport will look like come 2021. Do yourself a favor and take a virtual visit into the lives of the following Instagram couples. It’s a bit of a tease at the moment, but the inspiration is absolutely worth it. 

Marie Fe and Jake Snow 

Marie & Jake

You cannot help but love Marie Fe and Jake Snow. The couple met while both traveling in 2016 and have