Anglotopia Announcement: Introducing The New Full-Color 101 London Travel Tips 2nd Edition –

Today we’re coming out with a new guidebook. We’ve spent the last few months retooling our guidebook 101 London Travel Tips. We’ve given it a new look, higher-quality printing, added color photos and overall updated all the writing to be relevant to today. Today it’s available to buy from us or from bookstores everywhere. This book is an important milestone in a new direction Anglotopia is going in.

Yes, I know it seems odd to release a new guidebook in the middle of a global pandemic when no one can actually go anywhere. But we’re optimists. Travel will resume one day, and you’ll need to plan for it! So, why not plan and read with our shiny new guidebook?

The topic may look familiar – we first published 101 London Travel Tips almost 10 years ago. It’s been a robust seller that whole time, but when I was thumbing through it earlier this year, I realized that it was woefully out of date. I’ve learned a lot more about publishing books since we put it out, so it didn’t look very nice. And much of the information was out of date or irrelevant.

So, this summer in my spare time in the evenings and weekends when I’m wasn’t working my day job, I’ve been