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Costa Rica, known as ‘The Rich Coast,’ is famous for its natural beauty. It is unimaginably beautiful with gorgeous beaches, dense jungles, breathtaking waterfalls, misty volcanoes, and rumbling volcanoes.

Volcano Arenal in La Fortuna de San Carlos

Do you know more than 3 million tourists visit Costa Rica every year, and the number is increasing every year? Yes, the place is one of the most sought after destinations in the world.

Are you planning to make a trip to Costa Rica in the near future? If so, you are surely blessed to enjoy the stunning scenery and the wide range of activities and taste delicious food.

– paying the bills –

Do you want to share your travel experience with others? People are more interested in watching videos these days. Post your travel videos on YouTube to let people know how your journey was and they can try that too.

If you have no idea about how to create YouTube channel, don’t worry. You can create it efficiently in a few steps-

  1. Create a YouTube account, if you already have a Google account, that would work too.
  2. Add information about you like: name, bio, profile picture, cover picture.
  3. And start uploading your videos!

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