World Tourism Day 2020: Safety Tips for domestic and international travel amid Covid-19 – Hindustan Times

Exploring the world and witnessing new landscapes can be therapeutic for the soul even at the worst of times and nothing qualifies more than the current pandemic we are witnessing. Travel provides a glimmer of hope and feeds the adventure-prone soul which always wants to explore new horizons and roam free.

With travel restrictions easing in many countries around the world, we are now able to venture out and complete our pending bucket list. However, it is imperative to remember that even though travel is permissible again, the Covid-19 virus still lingers in the air.

The number of people infected keeps growing across the world and travelling comes with its own risks. Yet the threat of the virus can only deter people for so long and putting a stop to the entire tourism industry is not entirely feasible.

In order to ensure your safety while travelling during this strenuous period, here are some tips that you can follow.

• Follow Guidelines – Most states and countries have issued guidelines that need to be followed while entering and exiting destinations. Some have requested a period of quarantine, others require medical certificates declaring that you are Covid-19 free, etc. It is best to follow these guidelines to the letter to ensure that you are able to have a safe trip without any unforeseen consequences.

• Carry all essentials – Proper hygiene has never been of more significance during travel than now with a contagious virus on the loose. Carry all the items