Solo travel tips and deals to consider amid COVID-19 – Los Angeles Times

Solo travel offers a fringe benefit: It allows you to be selfish. You can do whatever you want whenever you want.

Hmmm … that sounds a lot like our current lifestyle in quarantine. Want to eat lunch at 4 p.m.? Do it. Want to skip the workout and watch TV instead? Why not? There’s no one around to shame you.

Social distancing — especially for singles — can be a lonely proposition. But it also reaffirms some of the benefits of being alone. You don’t have to worry about someone else’s sleep schedule, hourlong baths or habit of leaving pistachio shells everywhere.

Perhaps those are reasons solo travel is expanding despite the coronavirus’ overall effect on the travel landscape. Going it alone has definite pluses, and tour operators are seeing an uptick in solo-cation bookings. Granted, many of the trips are six months or more in the future, but companies report a definite trend. And they’re adding perks to sweeten the deal.


The bargains are all over the map, literally, and appeal to a wide range of travelers. There are camping deals for solos; mini-tours for beginning travelers ages 18 to 29; bike tours for cyclists who delight in hitting back roads; and European odysseys for people who have missed the cities, museums and rivers of the Continent.

Overseas Adventure Travel, known for its small-group tours, has seen solo bookings mushroom, with more than 24,000 single travelers