Rental car tips: How to find the best prices during covid-19 – Washington Post

For many Americans, embarking on road trips has been a way to keep traveling during the pandemic. And if you’re not a car owner, now may be a good time to rent one.

According to data from, a car-rental comparison engine, road trip travel is up, but the travel industry as a whole is still hurting. As a result, rental car rates in the United States are down by between 15 and 40 percent, depending on the region.

Unlike airplane tickets that can change in price by the minute, the price of renting a car isn’t a mystery.

“Between now and Christmas, your flight might change a hundred times,” says Liana Corwin, the travel expert for Hopper, the flight and hotel booking app. “With car rentals, they’re a little bit more static.”

While renting a car isn’t complicated, there is legwork to get the best deal. Here are tips from rental car insiders on saving money on your next booking.

The earlier you rent a car, the better

According to data from Avis, more travelers this summer have booked trips less than a week out than in previous years. But booking at the last minute isn’t usually going to get you a deal.

“The best thing to do and the easiest is really just to