Corporate travel reset: 5 tips to improve productivity – PhocusWire

There’s not much business travel happening right now due to the pandemic, which makes this a great time to take a fresh look at your company’s travel program.

As regions open up and travel managers restart their programs, it makes sense to do so with an eye toward maximizing productivity on business trips.

Improving productivity means increasing output, i.e., value, as a percentage of input, i.e., costs. So, what would a productivity‐focused travel program reset look like?

The first step is to take a closer look at costs.

At many companies, there’s no transparency into the cost of unused airline tickets and charges for basic services like ticket changes, tracking travelers and accessing after‐hours support. When companies incur unnecessary costs like these, input is higher.

On the output side, employees who encounter multiple hassles during business travel are likely to be less productive when they’re on the road.

If you create a program that eases the way for traveling employees, they’ll deliver more value by being more productive, which improves output.

Keep in mind that improving productivity in a travel program (or any other operation) is all about reducing input while increasing output.

Here are five ways to achieve that in your travel program: 

Make data‐driven decisions about in person vs. video call meetings 

Meeting by video isn’t the same as meeting face‐to‐face, but over the course of the pandemic, video calls have proved they can be an effective way of doing business in many scenarios.

The question going forward