Flying tips for staying safe when traveling in 2020 – AZ Big Media

Flying has completely changed this year; first with lockdown and then with the social distancing procedures that, unfortunately, some airlines do not adhere to. Staying safe when you need to fly home, on vacation, or more likely for work has never been more important. Thankfully, there are still plenty of options available to you, especially if you need to travel often for work. You certainly don’t want to be stuck in a self-quarantine or to get sick, so use this guide to help you get to your destination safely.

Social Distance and Drive to the Airport

The best way to reduce risk from the very start of your trip is to drive yourself to the airport. Long-stay parking can of course add up, especially if you are flying from a very popular and busy airport such as JFK. Thankfully, you can find and book cheaper parking near JFK Airport and benefit from a free shuttle service directly to the airport and back. Otherwise, get a loved one to drive you and use the Kiss & Fly facility to save on costs and to stay safe on the way there.

Bring Cleaning Supplies With You

Though many of us have a bottle of hand sanitizer with us, that isn’t actually enough. Soap and water are the kings when it comes to removing viruses, because of a two-pronged approach that only this combination can provide. Not only does the