15 Handy Travel Tips for Portugal First Time Visitors – The Apopka Voice

Porto, Portugal – Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

By Gleb Gaiduk

Portugal is a top destination for most European travelers, though having beautiful tourist attractions can sidetrack the uninformed first-time traveler. To begin, it is advisable to use the train. And, to make a more budget-friendly and fun-filled plan, use online trip planners as they allow you to choose the best locations for your budget.

Portugal is the most sought after destination for tourists, being a rather unique country. First, care must be taken to investigate its weather and then its topography. One thing to bear in mind is the culture of the natives, reflected particularly in modes of transportation; it is advised to skip the airports. Obtaining Portugal train tickets is usually feasible online. 

This culturally rich country has its peculiarities and definite attractions. For the first time visitor, arming yourself with the right information enables you to make informed decisions. Here are 15 tips to guide you.

1. Visit Portugal Off-Season

The month of July and August are considered Portugal’s tourist seasons, and they are the hottest and busiest months for tourists. For maximum enjoyment on a budget, consider traveling to Portugal