Casey’s Corner: Road trip! Tips for traveling with your dog. –

Joan Merriam

Now that we’re no longer mandated to stay at home and the weather is still good, this is the perfect time to travel, and there are even more opportunities for including your furry companion in your plans.

Before you go, however, consider whether or not your dog actually likes car rides. While some dogs are deliriously, head-over-paws happy to hit the road with their humans, others pant, pace, drool and even become physically ill when facing a car ride. If your dog would rather be anywhere other than in the car, it’s probably best to leave her at home with a pet-sitter. 

Naturally, planning ahead is the key to a successful getaway with your canine companion. Make copies of vaccination certificates and anything else related to specific health conditions. Don’t forget to pack medications, a dog first-aid kit and your veterinarian’s contact information. 

Other essentials: Food, treats, water, toys, a leash, poop bags and, perhaps, a travel-sized dog bed. Bring along a current photo of your pup in case the worst happens and you become separated. 

For even more foolproof identification, get your dog microchipped. 

Many dogs love to ride with their heads lolling out the window, so invest in a pair of dog goggles. There’s a practical reason for your dog to wear them: Take a look at your windshield, and imagine that same debris flying into your dog’s unprotected eyes.