Travel Tips for American Travelers to visit Egypt After COVID-19 – West Village, NY –

Egypt has always on the top list of the of travelers’ most interesting places to visit around the world and like so many countries, it has been hit strongly by the COVID-19 pandemic, and tourism has stopped from and to Egypt for some time and there were also some emergency decrees to reduce & limit the safety risks which caused so many lose regarding the national income and in our article, you will know the states of Egypt tourism and the best travel tips to visit Egypt after COVID-19 for Americans travelers.

What is the current state of affairs in Egypt during COVID-19?

The total number of registered Coronavirus infections in Egypt has decreased a lot recently which led the Egyptian government to reduce the number emergency decrees to allow tourists to be able to arrange tours in Egypt again and to visit the most interesting sightseeing which was visited hundreds of years ago of course while applying the highest safety measures to provide Egypt’s visitors with a safe environment and to save the life of both Egyptians and foreigners and keep the rates of Corona in Egypt at the least ranges.

So starting from the first of July, the government has allowed international flights from and to Egypt so that tourists get the chance to visit some Egyptian cities like the Red Sea cities, Sinai and Marsa Matrouh putting the health and safety of each traveler on the first place and that is why Americans can start booking their Source…