AAA Offers Travel Tips For Fall – WHIZ

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The national road and travel service AAA is looking to help people become better travelers. 

Although travel is hampered by the COVID 19 pandemic AAA believes that motorists and tourists can still have safe and exciting travels. Spokesperson Kim Schwind has more safe travel tips. 

“When we look at Ohio in general there are 75 state parks and very close to Muskingum County is Wayne National Forest, so one national forest here in Ohio, also we have up in northeast Ohio one national park. So there’s a lot of opportunities for outdoor escapes. We’re seeing a lot of people renting RV’s, just going out and going camping.”

Though international travel has been halted Schwind says that now may be the best time to book a cruise for your family. 

“When it comes to cruises, cruises are still suspended from US ports until November 1st, and some cruise lines even suspended itineraries until 2021, so we are seeing people, instead of booking cruises now, they are looking ahead to the future. Cruise lines are starting to book into 2023 and we’re starting to see avid cruisers booking out that far because prices are so low right now.”

If you would like tips on travel or to book a virtual meeting with a travel expert you can find more information on AAA’s website. 

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