12 Tips On How To Plan Your Solo Travel Itinerary, According To Pinays – Cosmopolitan Philippines

Staying indoors most days has definitely made me miss traveling. Besides binge-watching travel related shows and documentaries, there are days when I just literally go through my phone gallery reminiscing about past trips.

I already have a list of places to go and people to see when it’s safe to travel again, and I’ve decided that to make it *extra special*, I’ll be traveling solo. Yup, me, myself, and I. If, like me, venturing out all by yourself seems like a daunting journey, don’t worry. I asked Pinays in our Cosmo Community Facebook group for solo travel tips they learned through their own ~experience~, so get ready to take notes!

1. Invest in a practical travel backpack.

“Invest in those really big backpacks that we always see foreigners use when they come here! SUPER helpful for the budget airline situation and of course, you get to pack more (and more efficiently).” – Barbara

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Invest in a 40L backpack. That’s like the best size for a week abroad + pasalubong space (2 weeks if you’re super cowboy).” – Timmy

2. Read up on the culture beforehand!

“Learn about the culture’s do’s and don’ts. Like for some countries, you shouldn’t finish your food completely; in other countries, you HAVE to, [same with] giving tips or not, etc. It’s those little things that could really show you respect their culture.” – Kaye

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3. Prioritize comfort over style.

“I had to buy two pairs of shoes