Travel Hygiene Tips: Road Trip Essentials & How to Stay Fresh On-the-Go – Thrillist

Sweat is guaranteed, but showers? Not so much. Here’s what you’ll need to keep your hygiene on point and your spirits high while driving for days on end.

Alex Jumper/Unsplash/Maitane Romagosa

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Like it or not, road trips are back with a vengeance this summer. With lots of “normal” travel plans thwarted and a collective desire to disrupt a routine of staying put and… doing nothing, Americans are flocking to the highways, backroads, and scenic routes across the country as a means to escape for some semblance of vacation this year. 

Of course, as much as we embrace spontaneity when it comes to traveling, the cornerstone of a successful road trip does involve at least a little planning (especially right now, as travel restrictions can make things exceptionally complicated). One easy thing you can do is set up you