Baby Boomers, Eager To Travel, Endure ‘A Lost Year,’ While Demand Builds – Forbes

The airline industry’s international trade group says it will be 2024 before global passenger returns to pre-coronavirus levels, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to U.S. baby boomers who want their vacations. Some are chomping at the bit, ready to go.

Sandy Stein, 69, a onetime Western Airlines flight attendant, says she and a friend “had a European cruise planned for the end of May. We would have gladly gone but the cruise cancelled.

“We also have a trip to Egypt planned in October that we are excited about,” said Stein, who owns Los Angeles-based Alexx Inc., which sells purse accessories that prevent keys from being lost in a purse. “If the tour goes, we go.”

On the East Coast, Phyllis Stoller, runs The Women’s Travel Group, a tour company for women. She cancelled an April tour to Paris, refunding the average $4,500 fee to each of the 20 participants, who ranged in age from 55 to 70.

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