How This Black Female Founder Created An Award-Winning Luxury PR Travel Agency – Forbes

It’s a long-held dream of many to embark on a career in which traveling the world is part of your job description. But what does it take to found a luxury travel agency? In this edition of our Women in Travel series, we reached out to Cleo Anderson, the CEO and founder of the award-winning (make that multiple awards, actually) PR agency, The Anderson Media Group. Anderson has over a decade of experience representing clients within the luxury world of high-end travel—and has the recommendations to prove it. We interviewed Anderson about her dream hotels, and she doesn’t disappoint, suggesting sophisticated getaways all across the globe—recommending swanky accommodations from Paris to Kyoto, with luxe getaways in Abu Dhabi, Monte Carlo, and Beverly Hills. 

And, aside from providing the ultimate in professional-grade travel advice, her story is an inspiration both for would-be travel professionals and for land-locked, would-be global explorers yearning to go out and see the world. “Don’t be afraid to follow your dream,” says Anderson. “Be proactive in seeking out the career you really want and be bold in deciding where in the world you want to