Helpful travel tips to make your London experience more fun – Daily Californian

Wondering how you can make the most out of your next trip to London? Let me share with you some tips and tricks I learned from my semester abroad freshman year through UC Berkeley’s Global Edge program!


London has a boatload of tourist attractions that can be hard to squish into one or two weeks! To make traveling around the city easier, I’d recommend purchasing an Oyster card. Oyster cards are essentially electronic smart cards that you can buy in advance or when you arrive that can be used for all public transportation in London. (And yes, this includes both the London Tube and those big red double-decker buses you see in the movies!) Purchasing an Oyster card for your stay will end up being tremendously cheaper than buying single-ride tickets.

Pro tip: If you are a spontaneous adventurer who doesn’t like to plan, I’ll share my method of exploring. First, I’d jump on the Tube (any direction). I’d then pick a number one through 10 and get off at that many stops after. Then, I’d have my friend flip a coin, which would pick the direction that we’d have to go in after getting off the Tube (heads for right, tails for left). We’d wander to the closest restaurant for a meal before exploring random streets where we’d end up finding the coolest buildings, museums, parks and neighborhoods. Strolling around and getting lost for a while was how we’d always find hidden gems. And