COVID-19 Travel Tips: How to Stay Safe on Planes – Men’s Journal

We could all use COVID-19 travel tips. The country is slowly reopening (finally!), which means people who’ve been stuck in their houses for the last few months are itching to get out and travel again—even if that just means booking a flight to see family. With COVID-19 numbers still rising in certain cities, though, social distancing measures are firmly in place and travel companies—from rideshares to airlines—are continuing to up their sanitization protocol. And for good reason: 72 percent of travelers say health and safety are their top priority when deciding where and when to travel during and after COVID-19, according to a recent survey by Travelocity.

It can feel almost impossible to follow social distancing guidelines while flying, but you can still limit your exposure to other people. And a lot of it comes down to using common sense. Nex time you head to the airport, make sure you keep these tips from public health and infectious disease experts in mind.

COVID-19 Travel Tips: How to Stay Safe When Flying

1. Get Someone to Drop You off at the Airport

“The safest transportation option is having someone you live with take you to the airport,” says Davidson Hamer, M.D., an infectious disease specialist and professor of Global Health and Medicine at the Boston