You Want Or Need To Travel, But How? We’ve Got Tips – Vermont Public Radio

This year, a summer vacation may seem like a pipe dream thanks to the novel coronavirus.

But with restrictions easing in many parts of the country, travel agents say they’re getting an increasing number of calls from people considering trips, especially to see family members who live out-of-state.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends people stay home and avoid all non-essential travel.

Being apart from distant relatives because of COVID-19, however, is something a lot of Americans are struggling with, including me. My mom is 85 and lives alone outside Milwaukee, and it feels like ages since I’ve seen her.

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A hundred years ago, before the coronavirus pandemic, I’d book a flight out of Rutland and make a connection in Boston. But now the idea of going through potentially three different airports, and spending time on three different planes, does not sound good.  Neither does driving to a larger airport, because I’ll just have to drive to an area where COVID-19 is worse.

And Amtrak? The Ethan Allen Express, which ran between Rutland and New York City, now goes only as far north as Albany.  And The Vermonter, which ran between St. Albans and Washington DC, now goes only as far as New Haven, Connecticut, and doesn’t run at all on Sundays.

But sitting on a train for two days didn’t sound optimal either.

Wisconsin is a 15-hour drive, and who knows how