Tips on summer travel amid the pandemic – WVLT.TV

The pandemic has disrupted all parts of life, including travel. While the CDC has recommended families stick within the U.S. and even close to home, the Better Business Bureau is offering some tips on how to stay safe while traveling this summer.

If your family is still making plans for a vacation, consider these CDC recommendations:

-Never travel if you’re sick or have been exposed to COVID-19; the same goes for anyone within your group.

-Always take a face mask with for public places.

-Pack your own food, water, plenty of medicine and hand sanitizer, in case the restaurant, gas station or convenience store can’t serve you due to occupancy limits, or there aren’t supplies available to you.

-Beaches and parks are fun outdoor places to go; keep a safe six-foot distance from other people

-When going to a pool, take off the mask only when going into the water

-If renting a car, RV, or camper, carefully wipe down all surfaces, and continue to wash hands and avoid touching your face.

Before leaving on the trip:

-Check with state regulations for quarantine requirements. Some states are still requiring visitors to isolate for 14 days when visiting the state or coming back from going out of town.

-Avoid posting on social media about where you’re going or when you’re leaving. Save the fun