Better Business Bureau offers tips for travelers during COVID-19 – WIBW

ARLINGTON, Va. (WIBW) The Better Business Bureau is offering travel tips for those hoping to keep their travel plans safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as their money.

As states and countries lift travel restrictions, those that have been stuck inside are getting antsy for a vacation.

The Better Business Bureau has suggestions for those wanting to make new travel plans during the health crisis.

First, check with companies that travelers had previously made arrangements with and check to see the status of refunds or if there are rescheduling options. Many of these companies are already overwhelmed doing the same for all of their other customers, so the BBB advises to be patient. The stress of the pandemic is a weight bared by everyone, especially employees on the other side of the line.

Next, get details about the process to change things in the future. There are still expectations of a new wave of COVID-19 which could indicate more travel cancellations. There should be flexibility if this time is to come and vacation plans may need to be changed yet again.

Lastly, stay current on news in both the local area and the destination area to keep an eye out for possible outbreaks. Most news services have a test or email update feature as well as do most tourism boards, resorts, airlines and other travel companies.

For more information or to report a business visit the Better Business Bureau website.