Memorial Day Travel Period Continues ’til Midnight Tonight – Drive Safely –

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The official Memorial Day weekend travel period continues through 11:59 tonight, Monday, May 25th – and we urge everyone to exercise caution as roadways experience extra traffic with motorists returning home from weekend outings to visit family and friends OR return from that weekend at the beach or to the mountains.

Although ALDOT construction work zones aren’t active over the holiday period – all drivers should be alert around work zone materials and follow the posted, reduced speed limits.

ALDOT Holiday Travel Tips:

  • Buckle up.

Surviving a crash is much more likely when wearing a seat belt. Latest stats from Drive Safe Alabama show that more than 50% of people dying in crashes on Alabama highways are not wearing a seat belt. 

  • Slow down.

Speeding is a leading contributing factor in fatal crashes on Alabama roadsways

  • Keep right, except to pass.

Drivers on Alabama interstates must travel in the right lane. Drivers are not allowed to be in the left lane for more than 1.5 miles unless the driver is passing another vehicle. There are exceptions for road hazards, traffic congestion and moving over for emergency response vehicles.

More safe driving tips are available on the Drive Safe Alabama Facebook page.