Eco-Friendly Travel Tips: How To Reduce Waste While Traveling – Blue & Green Tomorrow

Whether you’re headed to the winding mountains of the Himalayas or the hustling bustling city of Mumbai, it’s your responsibility to preserve the nature of your destination. Eco-sustainability plays a pivotal role in reducing waste and preserving endangered wildlife and valuable ecosystems. Small changes in your lifestyle, such as packing light and choosing economy class over business, can make a huge difference in the greater context of environmental preservation.

Here are some eco-friendly travel tips to help you significantly reduce your waste during your travels.

1. Avoid Flying or Choose Economy Class and Carbon Offsetting

A great way to minimize your waste is to avoid flying as much as you can. Specifically, flying in business class is a serious waste hazard. From spa to airport lounges, business class needs a lot of facilities to justify its price tag, and is therefore likely to produce considerable waste.

Research all easily available sea and land alternatives. Renting an RV is one great way to take control of your own waste and unplug from your normal surroundings. You can find the best RV rental companies at The Wandering RV, with a complete overview of their services.

You can also reconsider your position on cruise ships, and travel on one that promotes waste-reducing practices. A German Environmental Group published a study in 2017, stating that an average cruise ship spends more fuel than a million cars in a single day. However, companies have taken steps to remedify it. Hurtigruten is one example, which has introduced