11 Tips For Dining Solo While Traveling – TravelAwaits

1. Avoid Becoming Ravenous

Positive solo dining experiences are about enjoying a country’s unique food and the way it differs from your normal fare. If you carry light snacks, you’ll avoid becoming so ravenous that you end up ordering Westernized room service or ducking into a convenient but lackluster nearby restaurant. These kinds of options will rarely offer memorable travel moments.

2. Eat At Hotels Other Than Your Own

Hotels are comfortable dining spaces for solo travelers, since they already cater to solo business travelers. But don’t restrict yourself to eating where you stay. Venture forth!

I’m passionate about exploring both historic and trendy hotels, and this can easily be accomplished by having meals there. In Egypt, I ate at the Old Cataract Hotel looking out over the grand sweep of the Nile and thinking about how Agatha Christie wrote chapters of Death on the Nile there in the 1930s. I don’t remember how much the meal cost, but I do remember the experience.

3. Research Solo Hot Spots

When looking for local restaurants, type solo dining near me into your search bar. This will pull up a list of nearby restaurants that cater to solo diners. More importantly, it will list restaurants where solo diners have mentioned having positive experiences.

4. Choose Your Seat

Sitting at communal tables provides a chance to chat. Bar seating might result in sitting next to another solo traveler or a convivial couple who might welcome an exchange with someone outside their bubble. Bartenders are invariably personable. My least