Travel tips: How to replace a drivers license or passport – Los Angeles Times

A reader asked for help after she lost her passport and Real ID driver’s license. She needed identification quickly.

As if losing one’s identity documents weren’t enough, she also broke her arm.

To use a technical term, she’s in a pickle, and there are no easy answers. It’s especially difficult because some involve online technology, which can be difficult for those who are afraid of it, have a physical infirmity or little tolerance for ambiguity.

Some agencies that provide services to seniors who need help with technology are not available because of coronavirus precautions. If someone can help who lives with you and is trustworthy, this may be the best route.


Here are the options.

Replacing a passport

The Los Angeles Passport Agency has what it calls “extremely limited U.S. passport operations” because of the coronavirus. It warns applicants about months-long delays to get a new passport, and it discourages anyone who doesn’t have a life-or-death emergency to “wait until we resume normal operations to apply for or renew your passport.”

Although some passport receiving centers, many at post offices, are open, they urge customers not to apply for passports now so urgent passport requests can be fulfilled. They also warn of processing times that may be as long as four months.


The State Department’s website ( offers form DS-64 to report a Source…