Travel Tips Video on Kotor, published yesterday by Mark Wolters – Total Montenegro News

May 7, 2020 – Sitting by the PC to finally start working, I put on my headphones so that the music would stifle the song of the birds calling me out.  I ask Youtube for “recently uploaded” and guess what – a video about Kotor is coming out, which was uploaded yesterday by Mark Wolters, a travel blogger whose youtube channel has 681K subscribers. Let’s see what he has to say on our Medieval pearl and its surroundings. Would be especialy interesting since at the moment there is still a ban on intercity traffic. And I can not go there. 

It seems that the post-corona world will be more prone to travelers than tourists in the classical sense of the word. In the new circumstances, preference will be given to destinations that can offer the traveler an authentic experience, which will undoubtedly require a more personal approach to the needs of each traveler and guest that the trip brings to our country. In this sense, Boka Bay and its historical and cultural center, Kotor, have a large number of products of particular interest to numerous niches of guests looking for a personal experience. It is interesting to hear what a world-renowned travel blogger has to say to its broad audience about Kotor on May 6, 2020.

“Heading to Kotor, Montenegro, and not sure what to expect? Well here we go through what to see, do, eat, and enjoy on your Montenegro vacation. Whether you are coming in