Cuban Travel : 5 Tips That Will Make Your Trip To Cuba Easy – CEOWORLD magazine

Cuban travel experience is one of a kind. Cuba may not take the top spot for being the world’s most famous tourist destination, but it is as exciting as it sounds. Its world is completely different from its neighboring countries and offers you an admirable blend of modern and cultural. From the famous cigars to crystal-clear waters along the beach, a trip to Cuba will give you the kind of fulfillment one expects from an international trip. But, you can make your trip even better if you take certain safeguards and acquaint yourself with the Cuban world a little bit before joining it.

In case you have your heart set on exploring a distinct culture and lifestyle, then Cuba is where you should be. But, visiting any new place means you are in a world of things new and unknown. So, for a good Cuban experience, you must inform yourself of a few really important things. Read along to know more about them in this article.

  1. Twin currencies
    Yes, you read it right. Cuba has 2 official currency systems. One is the Cuban Convertible Peso (CCP) and the other one being the Cuban Peso (CUP). The former is the one that will help you the most because it enables better purchases for tourists in the country and is largely accepted in establishments such as eateries and hotels. However, if you intend to use CUP, then there are not many avenues where you can expend that currency. CUP is used by locals