With travel existing virtually, startup CEOs share tips on staying upbeat and creative – PhocusWire

Travel startup bosses are devising simple techniques to keep teams positive and help foster creativity as they adapt to virtual working in these difficult times.

Many mention over-communication as the overriding principle, with increased online meetings, including time for fun elements, now a weekly, sometimes daily, part of startup life.

Andres Collart, CEO of TripNinja, says: “With everyone on lockdown, it’s more important than ever to check in on people and ensure they’re doing ok from a mental health standpoint. We have started doing daily 10-minute video calls where we just chat and joke around.”

Saniya Shah, CEO of airline disruption startup Pilota, borrowed a traffic-light technique from a fellow startup founder whereby employees use red, amber or green to describe their current status.

“It helps us communicate with each other better and also helps with what tone to use with people.”

Matthew Holman, a mental health consultant, says it has never been more important for people to stay connected, be open about how they’re feeling and “encourage each other to remain as mentally and physically healthy as possible.”

He adds that any communication, as well as the tone, “has to be relevant, factual, accurate and – most importantly -supportive.

“At this time it is really important to make sure that whatever we are saying helps the reader to understand that we are all going through a whole change of emotions. We have to normalize this, we have to make sure people know it is okay to