3 more rules for sustainable tourism – Treehugger

This is our chance to commit to new ways of moving around the planet.

I’ve been thinking a lot about travel lately, which is ironic because I can’t go anywhere. Much of the world remains in lockdown and, even if everything reopened tomorrow, I would not be lining up to buy a plane ticket. My thoughts on travel are more focused on how damaging the tourism industry has become in recent decades and how this pandemic-induced lockdown is a rare opportunity to rethink the way we move around the globe and to make it more sustainable.

Having some distance can allow for better perspective, so I’m using this time to think long and hard about how I want to approach travel once the opportunity resumes. Though unplanned, this post has turned out to be a sort of follow-up to my 2017 story, “6 travel tips so locals will hate you less.” These are additional travel tips that I plan to embrace and hope you, as conscientious travellers, will, too.

1. Get to know your own country.

When I was a child, a grownup friend told me that she had to get to know her own country (Canada) before going to see others. She stuck to it, visiting every province and living in the Arctic territories before venturing to South America in her mid-thirties. This advice stuck with me because it does seem silly to pay thousands of dollars to visit rainforests, tropical beaches, and distant monuments when there are