Hand luggage: Pack more & beat easyJet hand luggage restrictions with this simple tip – Express

Future travel is already looking up thanks to budget airlines such as easyJet, which has recently released an incredible sale on flight tickets for Autumn 2020. With many travellers now on a budget, travelling with just hand luggage can be one way to keep costs down.

However, with restrictions in place as to how much travellers can bring on board, anyone found to be in excess of the specified amount could face unexpected fees at the airport.

According to easyJet, holidaymakers are entitled to bring on board one cabin bag, but it must fit within 56cm x 45cm x 25cm including handles and wheels.

Luckily, unlike many budget airlines, easyJet does not specify a weight restriction for cabin bags.

That means travellers can squeeze in as much as they want, totalling any weight, so long as the bag does not exceed the dimensions set out on the airline’s website.

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One common method is rolling clothes instead of folding them.

Not only does this save space, it can also reduce the risk of your clothes getting creased.

“My hack for clothes packing is gallon Ziploc bags,” explained one Reddit user.

“Fold or roll 1-2 days worth of clothes for each bag and then squeeze all the air out. “You now have a slim block of clothes that you can