Tips for planning a trip after the coronavirus pandemic – Washington Post

The ability to travel is just one of the many luxuries temporarily suspended as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues its spread around the world. For now, we’ve been tasked with putting travel plans on hold and staying home to “flatten the curve.”

But although experts are uncertain whether summer travel will be possible, not all future travel is off the table.

“I’m reminding people this thing is not forever,” says Robert Reiner, a psychologist and executive director at Behavioral Associates. “It has a beginning, a middle and an end.”

In the meantime, we can daydream and use these tips to start planning that glorious first post-pandemic vacation.

Use trip-planning as a coping mechanism, but be flexible

According to Reiner, there are two crises going on during this pandemic: a biological one (the coronavirus outbreak) and a psychological one (coronavirus anxiety, economic uncertainty and social isolation, among other issues).

Trip-planning can be a way to give yourself something to look forward to and provide an uplifting distraction from immediate pandemic problems. However, there are caveats. You’ll set yourself up for more stress if you finalize a trip too early. The outbreak could cancel it.

“Right now, especially with people’s spirits so low, structuring something that you are excited about is a great thing, as long as you understand