Will we be able to travel this summer? Experts weighed in amid coronavirus. – Washington Post

Despite the all-encompassing disruption of the coronavirus pandemic, time marches on. April showers are still due to bring May flowers, and spring is still bound to turn into summer.

For many, the arrival of warmer weather used to be a signal that vacations were just around the corner. People plan their summer trips months and even years in advance, usually without factoring in the risk of a global health crisis.

But as the novel coronavirus continues to spread, where does summer travel stand?

What the government thinks

Earlier this month, coronavirus task force member Anthony S. Fauci told “CBS This Morning” that although he does not personally take vacations, traditional summer plans “can be in the cards.”

However, the nation’s top infectious-diseases expert continued that “we have to be prepared that when the infections start to rear their heads again, that we have in place a very aggressive and effective way to identify, isolate, contact trace and make sure we don’t have those spikes that we see now.”

For anyone who had plans to take summer trips abroad, note that the U.S. Department of State is still advising Americans to avoid all international travel. It poses health and logistics risks to travelers.