13 Tips For Finding The Perfect Travel Partner – TravelAwaits

3. Realize That What Made A Good Partner When You Were Younger Might Have Changed

The way in which I travel has changed with age. I know that I am leaning toward slower travel and want to find someone who doesn’t have to see everything in the guidebook or paint the town into the wee hours. Perhaps I have become more set in my ways, also, but I still love to set off for places unknown.

4. Be British About It: Find Someone Who Knows How To Keep Calm And Carry On

Having a companion who soldiers through travel challenges is paramount. Stiff upper lips are surely preferable to a not-so-fine whine. And of course it helps immeasurably for both you and your travel mate to be flexible. The way that travel challenges ebb and flow may necessitate changing course often.

5. Find Someone Who Speaks The Language Of The Country You’re Visiting (Especially If You Don’t)

Even though traveling with a linguist may make it seemingly too easy to depend on another for basic needs, the benefits are immediate. I found that finding transportation, ordering food, getting directions, and keeping out of iffy areas in New Delhi was much easier because my travel partner spoke Hindi. We were both at sea in the south of India, but luckily English and body language got us through.

6. Find Someone Like You (Or Not Like You)

It’s nice to have balance in any relationship. An extrovert and an introvert are made for each other.